Coral Gables Miracle Mile Streetscape Ribbon Cutting Event

Miracle Mile 200 Block Opening - ej

One week ago, we were in Coral Gables to attend the ribbon cutting for the Miracle Mile Streetscape project that we designed while Earl was Partner/Design Director at Cooper Robertson. The event was fabulous; the performers were awe inspiring, and seeing people use the new street was an amazing treat. The theme of the event (as seen in the inscriptions in the champagne glasses) was “Beautiful is here!” While we recognize that The City of Coral Gables was founded on the City Beautiful Movement and that those principles are engrained in everything the City and its people do, we were flattered none-the-less! The design of the project is a perfect example of how we believe art should be integrated into everything we do.

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Alice Walker said, “When you respond to something because it’s so beautiful, you’re really looking at the soul of the person who made it.”

We poured our heart and soul into the designs for the City of Coral Gables and are looking forward to seeing the project completed. Ask us and we’ll give you the low down on the deeper meaning in every detail of the Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue/Plaza Streetscapes.

Earl Jackson